Date of birth of your current study? and where is it located? Town?

I have this studio since 2005, in Grenoble France.

How would you describe your studio? 

Before covid it was messy and a bit dirty, when the pandemic happened, suddenly I had a lot of free time, so I decided to change and clean my studio, now it’s really nice and much more comfortable, all the synths are clean, no more dust, I feel like it’s a new studio. It’s good also to do that for inspiration, you need the feel at ease in a room to work well, to create.

What are the most important machines over there? 

My tr 808, my sh 101 and my korg ms20, I started 25 years ago with those machines, they are at the core of my studio, very important.

Maximum hours you can spend in it?

A normal day of work is from 11 in the morning till 7 in the evening. I use to work at night when I was younger, but now I am much more creative during day time.

What is forbidden inside the studio?


When you started to set it up anything missing? 

No, not really, now I’m really happy with it, it’s very functional, I can work fast, everything is easy to use, I don’t have to spend hours plugging and un plugging stuff.

Your next synth or machine, to add?

I don’t know, maybe the ARP step sequencer, I love step sequence.