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At the end of the nineties the remote Iceland put itself in the electronic music industry’s center of attention and conquered the international scene thanks to Exos. Although the versatility is one of his main characteristics the truth is that this Icelandic artists is renowned as one of the main Techno figures in the entire world. His sound rides between introspection and nostalgia without putting aside the rhythm. A captivating formula that has carried him to do several world tours as DJ and release more than 20 singles and 3 albums as producer. A prolific career and a busy schedule of which he has made time to create his own label: X/OZ.

FB: Where in the world are you now? You are playing in 4 different continents in 1 month. Tell us more about it.

E: Yes, it’s exciting, I started the tour in Reykjavik-Iceland, my hometown and from there I played at the Sungate label party in Madrid. Then my next stops were Capetown in South Africa, Mauritius, Vietnam, China and now I am getting ready for my gig in Taipei in Taiwan. The weekend after that I’ll play in Australia before I come back to Finland for the first label night of my new label.

FB: Do you have any kind of process to maintain mindfulness while on the road?

E: Well, with a decent meal and sleep while you’re travelling it gets easier. I try to stay as much as I can in contact with my family and friends. I use every opportunity I get to call them, that’s very important for me.

FB: In the last year or two, what places, cities or cultures have left a particularly positive impression on you?

E: I think the Colombian people have been the most positive impression as they are heavy interested in the dance music culture. I was also very pleased with the people in Capetown in South Africa. They enjoyed the music to the max and there was nothing which could stop them. Getting the chance to play in Asia is also very interesting. It’s the second time I play in Asia this year. Last spring I played in Singapore, Vietnam and South Korea.


FB: What is your relationship with Spanish electronic scene? Any special link with labels, clubs or producers.

E: I am releasing a track on the next Sungate release, which is a Spanish label. I am excited for that, I played it on the first party at the beginning of the tour. Spain has been actually a strong cornerstone in the sound of Techno through the years, I am a big fan of it. The Sonar festival, which started in Barcelona, has gone further to the world and actually educated the Techno scene in a really strong way. They did it in Iceland as we do Sónar – Reykjavik every year. When it comes to the Spanish artists I could name so many, Kwartz, Oscar Mulero, Reeko, and one of my favorites, David Att.

FB: You started your tour in Reykjavik and then played in Madrid at the Sungate label night were you are having a track on their V.A release. How was the experience with the Spanish crowd and tell us about the track you have on this new release.

E: Starting the tour in Spain was simply perfect and the Spanish crowd still got the energy that gives a great vibe. At the gig I was changing styles from Dubtechno to harder Techno and went up and down with the speed. The track I have on the Sungate release is a track I have been keeping for 2-3 years and I think it is a great fit for the label. Rhythmic and hypnotic.

What comes next for Exos. What other releases are in the making ?

After I return to Europe I am doing a label night at AAniwalli. It’s my new upcoming label, called Planet X, focused more in harder Techno. The night is listed as Planet X vs Machine with Ben Sims who is also having a remix on the label. Then the first release is out in early December with an Antigone remix. I am also preparing a big project early next year where I am releasing all my old tracks and releases on digital format and with some remixes on vinyl. More info on that soon.



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