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FB: Andy welcome to Fiesta&Bullshit. First of all, how are you enduring this confinement situation and Covid19 problems?

AB: Thank you for asking, as everyone else I’m at home but using this time to enjoy my family, dedicating most of time to the music and this is helping me a lot during this hard time.

FB: Do you have the study at home? What machines & synthesizer do you have for day to day?

AB: Yes I have my studio at home, I have some machines like Vermona DRM1, very cool drum machine and one of my favourite Mopho by Dave Smith instruments and Moog Minitaur, but I like to use also digital instruments in my projects.

FB: Going back to the beginning … Are you from Caserta? Right? How to discover electronic music a child / teenager in your city?

AB: Yes, in the early 90’s Caserta was one of the most important cities of Italian House Music scene and my older brother was a dj and vinyl lover, also my father was a vinyl collector so I had a lot influencies, from disco 70’s till electronic early 2000’s, but my first love was house music so I can say that I was born house music as dj and music lover.

FB: For those who do not know, Caserta is very close to Naples. ¿Tell us about the influences of a city as famous as Naples?

AB: Yes, of course Naples influenced all the people who live around this magical town and everything concerning art, music, cinema, opera, painting. For me Pino Daniele the biggest Neapolitan musician, was the first artist who transmit me the passion and love for the music, it was also my first album I bought when I was 10 years, so I feel very lucky about this.

FB: Napoli is home/cradle to many artists of electronic music, who is your inspiration, the artist you admire?

AB: Napoli is full of great artists they are a great inspiration for young people who want to start to Music, there is an historical Techno scene and Joseph Capriati is the most representative artist in the world, there also this a great electronic disco school here and I like to mention Nu Guinea, two of my favourite Neapolitan artists of disco electronic  world scene.

FB: Traveling from Naples to Ibiza (our house) Have you been here? When was the first time? What are your impressions of Ibiza?

AB: I’ve been in Ibiza for the first time 5 years ago, not for play just for vacation, I remember I felt Immediately a great sensation of freedom and the pleasure to live the life in a simple way, since then I go to Ibiza every year.
I love this island because you can choose what kind of life you feel and want to live, you can discover magical places enjoy the nature, food is fantastic, people are very cool and friendly and of course about music is the best place you can find during the long summer.

FB: You have a very good relationship with a label known here as Diynamic, how did this start?

AB: In 2015 I sent my first demo pack to Solomun with 3 tracks inside, one of them was “Vento”, some weeks later he asked me if that track was available for the release “Four To The Floor 05” and this was my beginning with the Diynamic crew.

Solomun was the first big artist who believed in me, the connection with Diynamic gave me the chance to grow up as person and as artist,  to play out of my country, to know different cultures of music and club life, to have a lot of great experiences with music lovers from all around the world.  It’s always nice to remember a story like this.

FB: This May, our listeners are going to enjoy a podcast on our radio show. What do we find in your podcast for our radio show?

AB: You can find some new electronic tunes i really love in this moment, and of course some new Andy Bros 🙂

FB: When this condition ends, what do you want to happen in 2020? and future projects for your music?

AB: I think the 2020 for our generation it’s like the 1945 for the generation who lived the second world war. 
We don’t know yet what will happen in the next future but we already know we will find a different world and we will be part of this. In my opinion, at moment it doesn’t matter how long we need to wait before going back to play again, but what I want that happens for me and for all the artists is to bring again our music again all around the world. About me as producer I never stop I’m always doing new music will be out during this year.

Grazie mille!