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First of all, let’s go to your origins, Switzerland. How and in what way do you grow up in this country? What influenced you?

My grandparents moved to Switzerland because of work back in the days and that was the same period when my dad met my mom. So he had to move to Switzerland as well from the south of Italy. I was born and raised in this Country – Let’s Say I’m Swiss boy with Italian blood.

What does a club like Nordstern bring to the country scene?

I think it completely changed the whole scene. The partypeople do not longer have to travel all over the world to see their favourite DJ’s. From the sound system to the light concept and the line-up, everything is super professional and done with a lot of passion.

For those of us who have not been, how is the club? What differences are there with other clubs in Europe?

I mean the club is a f*** ship J. I think this is something that you probally don’t see everyday. And as I said, the sound system is one of a kind. The main floor is below water level, the middle deck serves as exhibition space and then there’s the rooftop which is a great summer location for open air day parties. You can enjoy BBQ with solid drinks while watching a breath-taking sunset over the Rhine river and listening to good music. What more can I say?!

What do you like most about the Basel scene? On the other hand, what would you change?

A big plus is the cities size. It’s rather a small city and so is the scene. Everyone knows each other, went to school together or has been raving together since years. You can feel a deep passion for electronic music and I have to say I really love my Basel City crowd.

How did you feel in Ibiza? Did you know her before? If so… Has it changed for the better or for the worse? Why?

What I like most about Ibiza is the vibe. The first time I went to Ibiza was in 2009 and I always felt something special that I can’t explain on this island. That’s maybe why I came back every single year since then. Everything changes and develops by time. Without changes it would be boring. What’s bad though are the high entrance and water prices in the clubs. That was not always the case.

In addition to the clubs, which city or places, do you recommend visiting, for someone new in Switzerland?

You should definitely visit Basel first. It’s a wonderful city and you can visit some art museums like Fondation Beyeler. But also Zürich is somehow the place to be as the city has a rich nightlife and a lot of good restaurants. It’s nice to see the difference between those cities.


 First place where you played?

I will never forget my first gig ever in Ibiza at the afterparty at “the kave”. I played after rhadoo and at this time I didn’t know a place like this would even exist.

Best club ever?

Old Nordstern Basel at Voltaplatz.

Your best session was on?

There were a lot good ones. But one of the highlights this year was definitely to close the stage at Caprices festival.

The best Dj you’ve ever seen?

There are many that inspire me, like Ricardo Villalobos for example. But when I see Joseph Capriati controlling his set up and playing impresses me everytime. He can play big techno venues or at smaller house parties. In my opinion that makes a real DJ.

If you were not DJ, what would you be?


Your favorite place in Ibiza?

There are many, but one I really like to go for lunch is fishshack in Sa Punta. Or the Black Sepia Pallea at Sa Caleta.

Your specialty in the kitchen?

Classic Pasta J

What equipment is missing in your studio?

A lot – U will never have enough gear haha but I would love to own a Roland 303.

A track to define Ibiza?

Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough