We were talking with Fedele, Andrea and Luigi as they were with us this past summer on Ocean Drive. They have a talent that few have and they talked to us about many things, here we show you the first of them. They tell us about their machines in the studio and their laboratory. Introducing Agents of Time!

Pioneer Toraiz Squid 

The best multitrack sequencer that we have had since we started making music. We were contacted by Pioneer around December of last year and they invited us to try this amazing sequencer during Epizode Festival. We were completely surprised about all the functionality that it has. You can sequence 16 synthesizers at the same time and with the use of the scale it makes everything super easy for a live performance or for just a jam with your friend in the studio

Virus TI2 Desktop

This synthesizer is one of the first we had, it has 3 main oscillators and one sub oscillator per voice. And of course every main oscillator can be made up of various oscillator types. It’s a bit complicated to use, especially the LFO section, but as soon as you finish studying it you can see the full potential. It also has a great FX section that makes you achieve this overall sound. If you’re a fan of trance influences we think this is the best.

Roland SH 101

Actually the very first synthesizer we had was the Roland SH 101. As big fans of Mathew Jonson we had to have this gear. It became a piece of history made by Roland in the synthesizer world. It’s not so difficult to use as for every knob is assigned one command only. The sound of this synthesizer is unique but the thing that make this gear special is his own sequencer, you can load up to 100 notes into it and you can trigger it with many gear like Roland 808 or the new Roland TR 8. A synthesizer that must be in the studio!

Strymon Big Sky

If we are talking about Reverb this is the one. We’ve tried many of them during the last 4 years and for sure “Strymon” is delivering the best analog FXs so far. It has a lot of functionality, it can become another synthesizer if it’s used in the right way. It also has 300 presets that can lead you more into the gear’s special details, letting you understand all the functionalities that it has. We mostly use it in the live act because it gives the right warmth to every single instrument and create the right atmosphere for our live performance. But of course also in the studio we use it a lot and the majority of the track we made were made with some use of this reverb.

MFB Tanzbar

This drum machine undoubtedly can be related to drums like Roland 808 , it sounds super warm and at the same time super aggressive. The kick it has is for sure one of the ace cards of this drum machine. Mostly all the instruments of this drum machine can be separated via the assigned output that it has, this allows us to achieve better mixing during our live performance and also during our jam sessions in the studio.


Thank you guys!