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Klaudia Gawlas brings us high bpm with a special podcast for Fiesta&Bullshit that includes tracks by artists such as: Michael Schwarz, Tobias Lueke, Natalino Nues, Robert S or Loco & Jam and that you can listen to below while you discover a little more about…

Place/city of birth? 

Cieszyn/ Poland.

What music do you remember listening to as a child in your home?

Most of the time it was something from my mom. She loved Queen, so I grew up with them.

The DJ who made you dance the most in your adolescence? 

Takkyu Ishino

Where was your first show as Dj and what was your fee?

It was in a club in Germany and my fee were free drinks. I think I just had 2 Red Bull.

And your last one?

My last gig was in Colombia. I just came back and the Corona shutdown followed.

The strangest thing they asked you or have you seen at the Dj booth?

I remember playing in one club and there were two people having a lot of fun in the corner at my booth. If you know what I mean 😉

A drug you’ve tried?

A lot of bass and high bpm

A city to retire in?

I prefer small Cities and actually I love my place. So its probably Passau.

A track for your funeral?

Klaudia Gawlas- Papillon