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Mapping, the monthly section made me, Alvaro Mesa. The idea of that section is to talk with artists who have not yet taken a giant step towards a mega star but who are on the way. He is interested in them both their work in the studio and their work as DJs or gigs. 

New Jackson is the first protagonist in the premiere of my section:. Artist who debuts in 2011 and has never ceased to amaze me. Already in 2013 it was being released on John Talabot’s well-known label, Hivern disc and later in Permanent Vacation. I always continued to observe his versatility in terms of genre, his wide range of music, always finding him faithful to his great personal spirit. It doesn’t surprise me that after having toured labels such as Ghostly International, Cin Cin or his All City Records compilation which is one of my favorites, Mr. Mano Le Tough has noticed him as I did in 2013.

Hello New Jackson, it’s an honor to have you with me in this space. You are in a formidable moment. Tell us about your music. Are you rigid in wearing any patterns or styles? I mean that You embrace a broad genre (House, Electronic, Deep, Nu disco) but with a unique spirit. In my opinion it’s quite difficult to achieve that in the way that you do. Is this achieved by letting yourself be carried away when you sit down to produce  or do you nevertheless have a fixed idea in your head to finish the track you already had in mind before taking your machines?

NJ: There is never one way exactly but I’ve been making music for a long time now and I suppose my instincts are better when it comes to composing and having an idea and following it through. Most of the time I’m quicker at finishing things too though are often more stubborn tunes. Even though I’ve been djing for 20 years I’m a producer/musician first and foremost so I get bored if everything is stuck in the same bpm and style. I generally approach albums and e.p.s like some of my heroes Orbital, Carl Craig, Underworld, Krafwerk, I thought about DJ Shadow’s Entroducing a lot when i was making my album for All City.

As for machines…What synths do you use? Which is your favorite? Do you miss any of them?

NJ: I use exclusively hardware pretty much except for Native Instruments Maschine sometimes and everything is recorded into Pro Tools which i use more or less like a tape machine. I love samplers my favourites these days my SP 1200 and Akai S612(the first ever Akai sampler) and i use an 808 and 606 quite a lot. Maschine can be really useful to mix in with the more vintage machines to modernise the sound a little bit. The Elektron machines are good for this too. Synthwise I love the Novation Peak and my old Minimoog. I use some modular stuff, I especially like Mutable Instruments and I have a Buchla music easel which is becoming more and more important..

You just edited in Maeve and did your live in Robert Johnson few days ago with Mano Le Tough. Were you expecting this release and this show?  How do you feel at the moment?

NJ: We’ve been planning this record for years so yes I was expecting it! We wanted to leave it as long as possible so it was a proper reissue. It helps a lot to have the support of a big name like Mano, you notice your music apearing in places it hasn’t reached before which is exciting.

How was your live at Robert Johnson?

NJ: It was amazing, way beyond my expectations and I think it was the same for the crowd and the Maeve guys loved it. I hope I get the chance to do it more regularly. I think it’s genuinely as good as a lot of the bigger names playing all the time, it’s just a matter of getting these opportunities. Hopefully more will come on the back of the releases this year.

You’ve been making music for a long time, sounding great from the beginning but you’ve been creating tracks little by little. You haven’t been in a hurry to make a lot of music and you have aimed well at those labels, have you? Now in 2019 we have seen more releases than in previous years… Are you going to continue in this line? Do you think it’s necessary to pause a Little bit again? Why?

NJ: I make music under different names so it’s not just New Jackson and I need to do other work to pay the bills so maybe that’s why it has seemed slow. It’s always been a dream to have a full year to focus mainly on New Jackson and that’s the plan more or less for 2019. I have another release incoming on Cin Cin and another album for All City in September, some remixes too, new live set. It’s busy with making things and hopefully with gigs too soon.

I’d like those who don’t know you to know you…. Djset format and Live format because you do both, is that so? Will we be able to see you in Spain in a short period of time?  And the island of Ibiza?

NJ: I’ve been doing both for so long I feel like a veteran but I’m still obviously new to a lot of people. It feels like there’s a certain group of big names that just get booked again and again for all the main clubs and there are only so many slots but hopefully I can get more opportunities in the next few years. Maybe you will see my at Destino.

Soon we will have a podcast for our program on Ibiza Global Radio. Will you do something in Live format or will you dedicate a DJ set to us? What can we find in it?

NJ: I still haven’t decided! Probably a dj set. Maybe some unreleased material and some stuff I’ve been djing lately.

Thank you very much for letting us know you a little more and above all keep working so hard that you have a very compromising future.

Good luck, New Jackson!!

Álvaro Mesa



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