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We are pleased to present the second issue of Mapping, the new monthly section by Álvaro Mesa, a member of the Fiesta & Bullshit team. With this section we will discover more about artists that with their work and dedication are getting their names start to gain strength.

For my Station II, I have chosen someone who has surprised me where it is just 3 years. An artist who has a truly promising future. Meet the big Bawrut.

First of all. You are Italian but…you live in Spain, specifically in Madrid. Can you tell us why you chose this city?

For love. I decided to follow my girlfriend since she spent 4 years in Italy where we met. Staying with someone you love is the best thing you can do and makes you feel at home wherever you are. Beside this romantic moment Madrid is a beautiful city and the quality of life and social relations are very good!

Year 2016… You get an ep with Ram$on Note with the then unknown ‘Ciquita’. You are baptized with a great label, but did you expect to be remixed a few months later by artists like Moscoman on another great LP? How long have you been in the studio before this happened? Who are you looking at to make that track? influences?

I have baptized Ran$om Note! Ahahahah, i’m obviously just joking, when i talk about R$N i used to say that we helped each other. And we are a Family. Ciquita has been originally released on my digital label “Silencio” and then re-released for launching R$N Records. This “re-issue” helped me for setting me in the Dance panorama, especially in UK and helped the label with a good first release as well. I’m very happy being part of the crew since i found beautiful people with same intentions: spread dance music from Planet Earth all around the globe! Ciquita is the side effect of a composition i did for a runaway show for a Spanish fashion designer where i used a lot of Flamenco’s elements. It’s the mix of my background of acid house with the latin, in this case spanish, touch and it didn’t take so long for do it, like a couple of weeks. Usually find a label and press the record takes moooore time than write music. About my influences i like the approach to the music of a bunch of producers like DJ Koze, Maurice Fulton, Matthew Herbert, Axel Boman or Fango, naming the first producers that came up in my mind. Not that CTRL C + CTRL V way of write the music that we usually listen to but something a little bit more “open” to different influences.

Later, in two years you remixed Nicola Cruz, released an album on Pets Recordings and even caught Jennifer Cardini’s attention with Correspondant. Everything happens in 3 years. Unbelievable. What is going through your head at that moment? Is your day to day so dizzy in the studio as to follow this rhythm? What do you think your next 3 years will be like?

I don’t know how my next 3 years will be, but i perfectly know what i did in the past 3 and in the present. Working hard, almost everyday, in the studio. No SM shortcut, just good (IMHO) music. Listening to new music, listening to old music, using the same 3/4 tools until i can control them in a very good way and always try to don’t repeat what i did, even if the feedback was good. Now I’m working on new music and maybe something bigger like a long playing project but i have no rush at all.

Can you tell our readers what machines you work with in your studio? A brief summary of your work at the time of elaborating a track.

I have a Roland Tb-303, Roland SH-01, Korg Poly-800, an Arpopone and a Korg MS2000. I use Ableton Live. My intention, for now, is not follow too much softwares rules and styles cliches. Ableton is a true friend that help me to develope my ideas, not something that work for me 🙂

We’ve heard something that you may be a resident of Mondo Disko. Can you tell us something about it?

I’m one of the resident of Mondo Disko since 18 months more or less and i’m very proud be part of the team lead by Gerardo Niva. I always say that for me it’s like a gym. The art of warming up a dance floor is the cornerstone of a DJ experience and career and facing every time with different artists and styles helps me to grow up and enrich my taste as DJ. And despite the amazing sound system the crowd at Mondo is one of the best around 🙂

Our base camp is in Ibiza. Do you think we can see you there when it comes to your performances this summer?Ibiza? And when it comes to your productions, what are you going to surprise us with that you can give us a head start?

I’ll play this August in Ibiza at Circoloco so I’ll definitely pass by la Isla, even because I always try to spend a couple of days every year. Despite being the place to be for thousand of european party goers Ibiza is a special place whit very unique vibes, last year i decided to celebrate my 40th birthday playing at Pikes with all my friends and was the perfect way for closing a decade. I have 2 EPs in the pipeline, one probably before the summer and another before the end of the year i guess, let’s see and cross everything!

Thanks Bawrut!


Álvaro Mesa