We are back on the dance floor. We are back in the smoke. If you should loose the faith we will give you hope. We are Vitalik.

Ryan O Gorman kicks off the first in his series of Vitalik events at Pikes on the 29th of April with Vitalik Recordings newest signing, August Artier. You may know him from his 10 year residency with Global Radio or his new show with Mick Wilson on Openlab FM. Artier has releases on Get Physical and Rawax and has music coming out on 20/20 vision and of course Vitalik Recordings. Lanty Jackson will be warming up Freddies for Ryan & August, the up and coming Ibiza native native is breaking though on the Ibiza underground party scene. Out on the terrace we have a very special duo of friends and collaborators. Yawä//Zē invites UF0 to join him on the decks under the moonlit at Pikes. Uf0 aka Sergio Garcia, a young braindance producer from Ibiza signed to Furthur electronix in 2020, he’s produced a best seller for Clone Records and has just released the “Horazië EP” (Altered Sense).

Yawä//Zē is an experimental artist based in Ibiza. He explores colundi frequencies, psychoacoustics as well as ideas of time, perception and ecological sound environments, working on lofi interpretation of AI software called Zē, Yawä is decrypting part of his experiments as a pre-release of the project (Å // Ä // Ā) where he explores different areas and processes within art and experimental audiovisual archeology. Did you get all that? Don’t worry you will, join Ibiza’s finest musical luminaries this Friday by requesting guest list in the link below.

All guest list list requests at https://pikesibiza.com/event/vitalik-29-apr-2022/