Hello Bob, hello Elias, thank you very much for granting this interview to Fiesta&Bullshit. How is your summer going?

Thank you for having us. Summer is going great, and as a matter of fact the year as well thus far. It has been a great source of inspiration for us filled with creativity, new milestones and exciting releases.

If there’s one thing that can be said about your sound, it’s that it’s not common; it’s evident that it’s influenced by different styles. What influences and inspirations have shaped your uniqueness?

Coming from a Mediterranean country has profoundly influenced our sound. Infusing our music with the rich cultural tapestry and vibrant atmosphere of the region has provided us with a treasure trove of musical influences, cultural nuances, and sensory experiences which allowed us to create music that reflects the beauty, diversity, and spirit of the Mediterranean region.
Adding to that, our background as DJs and musicians exposed us to a wide spectrum of music genres that serve as endless sources of inspiration guiding our choices and enhancing the unique character of our sound.

It’s clear that there’s meticulous work behind all of your projects. What is your creative process, and what tools do you use during your studio productions?

Melodic exploration is one way of how we approach our creative process. We love incorporating live instrumentation as much as possible as this adds an organic touch and feel while improvising and crafting melodies that capture the mood and atmosphere we want to convey. Whether it is guitars, saxophones, pianos or other instruments, it enriches our sound and infuses it with human elements that blends harmoniously with the electronic elements.

The other way is simply being inspired by other artists and producers which stimulates creativity and sparks our own imaginative process. The fusion of inspiration from different sources results in the birth of new ideas and concepts.
For our productions, we use Ableton Live as our main DAW in addition to live instruments and a vast array of plugins depending on the sound and texture needed in a specific project.

As experts in production, what advice can you give to aspiring electronic music producers?

Be patient and don’t get discouraged by setbacks, embrace your creativity, constantly seek to learn and improve your craft, and enjoy the process of creating music that resonates with you and your audience. Every producer has their unique journey, so don’t be afraid to forge your own path, at your own pace and develop your own signature sound.

What have been the best experiences and challenges you’ve overcome during your musical journey?

Our most rewarding moments have come from receiving emotional responses and feedback from our listeners, hearing DJs incorporate our tracks into their sets, and collaborations with talented artists and musicians.
As for the challenges faced, the main one was the technical learning curve and constantly adapting to evolving technology. Learning the ins and outs of complex software, plugins, and production techniques was a significant hurdle. To which we dedicated time to studying tutorials, attending workshops, and continuously upgrading our technical skills over time.

We’d love to know how your first big hit “El Camino del Sol” came about and what releases you are about to launch.

Our love of the Mediterranean and Balearic sounds is what inspired us to work together and this manifested through our track “El Camino Del Sol”.
This is the track that brought us together. We had known each other for a while and always discussed about the idea of creating music together. One day I came to Bob and told him I have an idea for a Balearic track that I composed on my guitar and that was the spark needed for us to embark on this journey.
As for our next releases, we have a few remaining exciting projects for 2023 in the pipeline starting with our latest EP “Deep In The Night” which will be released on Sep 14th across all music and streaming platforms.

Tell us about “Ask You Something,” the track you recently released in collaboration with Dalia Halabi.

This track is a great example of why we love collaborating with friends & artists and how they influence us to create new ideas. Dalia is a good friend and a Holistic Coach who until that point had never experienced working in music. While we were listening to one of her podcasts about “motivation” something clicked in what she was saying and how she was delivering the message which then inspired us to build this track around her and that topic.

Can you explain more about this work?

Although our main genre is mainly Balearic and Lounge, we also love to delve into few other genres from time to time, especially Organic House. We had finished the work on this track however we felt that it was lacking something. We wanted a different vocal approach to it than normal singing and felt that chanting would fit the mood of the track perfectly. After some research, this in turn led us to discover “Glossolalia”. One day, we were playing the track in the car to brainstorm and we came up with the word “Haramayare” and the idea we wanted around it. From there it was about finding the right session artist who was able to bring the idea to life.

Which label are you currently collaborating with, and what factors influenced your decision to team up with them?

Finding the right label to work with that aligns with your values, supports your creative journey, and provides the necessary resources to grow is crucial for long-term success and fulfillment. For us we have found that with Be Adult Music. They have believed in us, valued our music and supported us since day one.
Moreover, they value the artists as individuals and not just as products for commercial success. That combined with their genuine support, artistic freedom, professional approach, and sense of community have made our partnership an enriching and fulfilling experience.

You’re a duo that doesn’t shy away from collaborating with other artists. What’s your opinion on collaborative creativity in electronic music?

Collaborative creativity to us, whether with friends or like-minded artists, is an incredibly enriching and rewarding experience. It allows for a unique blending of individual talents, ideas, and perspectives, resulting in music that often transcends what one person can achieve alone. 
The magic lies in the unexpected surprises and discoveries that emerge from the synergy of different minds and talents.

How do you see the current state of the scene and the future of electronic music?

The current state of electronic music is filled of exciting opportunities. The industry has experienced tremendous growth and diversification over the past years. Technology and digital platforms have democratized music production and distribution, enabling a vast community of aspiring and talented artists to emerge worldwide and allowing them to create and share their music with a global audience more easily than ever before.
Looking to the future, there is reason for both optimism and caution. Technological advancements will continue to play a crucial role, opening up exciting possibilities for experimentation and innovation. New software, hardware, and production techniques will empower artists to push boundaries even further. However, as the scene continues to evolves, authenticity and originality will be the keys to success. It will become even more important for new producers to stay true to their artistic vision.
Ultimately, the future of electronic music will be shaped by the passion and creativity of its producers and artists. Embracing a supportive and collaborative community spirit, leveraging technology thoughtfully, and daring to be different will be crucial for new artists to carve their path and contribute to the continued evolution of this dynamic and ever-changing musical landscape. It is a thrilling journey that we look forward to being part of this.

What are your goals and aspirations for the future?

To always enjoy the journey we are on, embracing every step of the process, appreciating the connections formed along the way and keep on growing and evolving as producers and artists.