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We present the sixth issue of Mapping, the monthly section of Alvaro Mesa, a member of the Fiesta & Bullshit team. With this section we will discover more about artists who, with their work and dedication, are getting their names to begin to gain strength.

Hi, Michi, Hi Dani. Hi, Innellea. 3 years and a half, many references but in the end the one who follows it gets it. You are almost reaching the top of the mountain. My most sincere congratulations. Let’s start!

How long have you known each other? How and in what way do you decide to be Innellea?

We know each other for more than 7 years because we both were part of a music collective. Back then we were both in other duos but still have been highly motivated to create music together.

I’ve heard that you don’t live in the same city. Can this sometimes be a problem? How do you do it? Do you meet from time to time or do you just send each other the projects you are doing alone?

The city’s we live in are very close to each other. We did send us approaches in the past but now we decided that it is more efficient if we work together in one room from scratch.

That how we can influence each other and create something in between.

Your first reference, if I’m not mistaken, is from the beginning of 2016. It was with Steyoyoke later other labels like URSL or TAU. Did you imagine belonging to Afterlife Crew or that Dixon/Âme noticed you?

You’re right with that. Since the day we started making music together we were always very focused on our development in production. In general it was a Journey and all those labels always were and still are very inspiring to us. All of them believe in their vision of sound and concept. We are happy that we fit into their visions and were able to follow our own vision of sound in the same time.

Do you think it’s important to make music thinking about the label you want to get to? Tell us more about that subject.

It’s important not to pretend for a label, so you make yourself uninteresting and twist the real meaning of music production. But it’s not wrong to recognize what the style of a label is and translate it into your own language.

You have a very characteristic sound. What synthesizers do you use for your sound? Any that you miss?

It took a while, but right now we feel very comfortable with our equipment. We mostly use analogue machines. Meanwhile we have too many to mention each one separately. The hardware from Arturia has to be mentioned here anyway, because it corresponds exactly to our ideas. We own the Matrixbrute, Minibrute, Microfreak and the Drumbrute.

You’re on a great level and everything points to you staying the same or better. Are you considering getting your own label?

Right now we don’t feel ready for it and think it has to take some time. But the idea of embodying one’s own vision of sound and concept in the form of a label is of course very appealing and cannot be ruled out. On the other hand, there are so many good labels out there. We don’t want to do a label just to have a label. So we will see where this Journey brings us.

How would you define each other? What’s the best and worst about each of you?


Daniel is my best friend with whom I probably spend more time than with my girlfriend (laugh) and I can count disputes on one hand. So I would say there are hardly any negative things to criticize him for.


Michi is also my best friend and a very diligent person who never gives up on anything, whether it’s working a track to the best, perfectionizing instagram, socializing, digging music or anything else. I always can count on him.

What are your short term goals? Can you tell us a secret that will happen soon?

We will release some songs a lot of people asked us for recently…but we don’t want to tell too much. One open secret is that most of the songs of our Voyage mix for afterlife will not be released. The ability to access anything, anywhere, at any time leads to an enormously short survival time – even for releases in the music industry…that’s our way to counteract. But that’s something which will not happen (laughs). Also we will play the first time in South America end of this year.

Our constant goal is to develop our music technically and creatively. We try to incorporate as many new influences as possible without losing our style.

What has been your favorite show this great year for you 2019?

2019 was full of outstanding shows. it’s not possible to choose just one. Each gig has its own history and each story is unique in its own way. Playing on the island at DC10 and for Afterlife at Hi was something special for us.

Where and how do you see yourselves in 5 years?

We try to live as much as possible in the present but we simply hope to continue having the privilege of touching people with our art and transforming our influences into music. This is what we love and will always love.

Thank you Innellea!!