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In these moments of high anxiety, these times when we are going through something that we had only experienced in Hollywood movies, the single most important thing is to stop this damn virus. By working together and making sacrifices, we will be able to stabilise the situation and—little by little—we will be able to return to our daily routines. Although we are going to experience an explosion of rare joy, it will not take long for us to come back down to earth and we are going to find ourselves in a bleak landscape with a lot of people without work and with the fear that the disease will reappear. Every sector of the population will be affected, but once again, those who are most vulnerable are going to have to prepare themselves for what is ahead. In the world of electronic music, it isn’t going to be any different; the big DJs, the big clubs and the big festivals will experience this as a small obstacle in their way, a gap that they are going to get over in a short time. But the small clubs, the small promoters and the artists who live day by day are going to suffer an earthquake from which many of them will not be able to recover. Set Streaming and sending out encouraging messages are great for boosting morale, but right now it takes much more than a gesture from artists from their grand homes. It’s time to shell out money.

The situation for seasonal workers in Ibiza’s clubs is very delicate, on top of the uncertainty of not knowing what is going to happen, there is also the question of renting somewhere to stay on the island, which, thanks to people’s greed, shows no sign of changing. That’s because we are sure that many of those who go out on their balconies to applaud at the moment aren’t going to have the decency to help their tenants who are going to find it hard to be able to pay for wherever they are staying. Poster stickers, public relations workers, waiters, security guards, decorators, entertainers, dancers and even those who work in the electronic media are deeply apprehensive about the situation facing them in Ibiza.

It is time to shoulder the burden together, time to give back to Ibiza everything that it has given us, but above all, it is time for those who reached the heights thanks to the Ibiza scene to begin to contribute in a more tangible way. Athletes, actors and actresses, musicians and other star artists are beginning to buy supplies and lead initiatives to mitigate the situation. And the DJs? Where are the DJs? Above all, those who are making millions of euros year after year and who will undoubtedly continue making them in the future. Where are you? We are not buying the excuse that you are going to lose a lot of money through all the cancellations; with everything that you have earned over your careers, several generations of your families will never have to do a day’s work again. We need you, the mega-stars of electronic music, who are leaders and an example for society, to step forward and start leading projects that help the people who really need it.

The priority right now is to get hold of supplies to help the medical workers in Ibiza and around the world to carry out their work safely. Are you not aware of the power you have? Are you not aware that one word or one gesture from you can make a difference? We hope it is a matter of a lack of awareness and not of greed.

If we put ourselves in the best scenario imaginable where the season in Ibiza can get going in mid-June or in the month of July, another consideration for the big DJs is whether it would be ethical for them to demand their appearance fees as if nothing had happened. After what has befallen us, are we going to have to keep paying between 50 and 80 euros to enter a club in Ibiza? We are very afraid and hope that we are wrong, that everything is going to remain the same, and that the people who formed the basis on which all these DJs made their names are inevitably going to be left out.

I don’t want to mention any names, but…all of you who land in Ibiza by private jet and stay in luxury villas, ought to make a gesture to the island that brought you to world fame and success. Hospitals and different associations need help, and it is high time for you to speak out and give back some of what Ibiza and its clubbers have given you.