How did you get your name “Soundfiller”?  I wanted a name that have something to do with sound as music is all about sound so one day I came up with Soundfiller as filling up a room with sound.

In the past few months you have had a few successful releases – how did you break through? To be honest, I just produce the music that I like and trying to improve my skills. I also constantly listen to new music in the genres I like, especially techno to stay up to date. I really like the direction the techno is going right now so I guess it matched my style somehow.

You have loved and made music since you were a child. Did you already have a role model back then? Sure! Vince Clarke, Jean-Michel Jarre. I used to borrow synthesisers from an older friend in the small village in Sweden where I grow up in.  If it wasn’t for him I would probably never have had taken the step to start producing electronic music.

Who are your current techno role models? Oh, there is so many but I really love the unique style of Dubfire and how he can make interesting tracks with “less is more“. As fellow swede Adam Beyer is off course one of  top inspirations since many years. Lately I have been listening a lot to Deborah de Luca. She’s got some amazing tracks and I like her sets.

Who would you like to produce something with? There are so many talented people – I could name a different artist every day that I would like to produce with. If I have to choose one I’ll pick Dubfire.

What was your greatest experience with your music? The greatest experience start already in the making process. I really enjoy producing music. I get goose bump every time a track is starting to come together but it is also very satisfying when people like the tracks.
You learn more and more and make more and more experiences of what you want to know and what inspires you and that is definitely reflected in the results. And when you see the reflective lights on the dance floor every weekend or you hear your songs being played by an artist you look up to, it’s always a big moment.