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Hi John, nice to have you with us. An active electronic music legend in a section we think is perfect for you. For your journey, for your years of experience and for your long life as an artist. Thank you!

– Which artists or group do you remember from your childhood?
Carol douglas
Giorgio Moroder & Donna Summer

– Which artist marked you to start in music?
Kraftwerk. The the-first thing I ever recorded and programmed drums was for the track “Perfect Day”. Really sad i missed their show in Ibiza in September, due to a long Asia tour.

– Which artist did you first see in a show?
Hard to correctly remember but I think it was Orchestral Manoeuvres “In The Dark”.

– Who do you remember sharing a back to back with the first time?
Early days would have been Laurent Garnier at Rex in Paris. Heike and Atta who went on to do Robert Johnson. We were all playing a lot for Ricardo Villalobos, who was organising the parties in the super early 90’s. Of course a lot with Richie Hawtin.

– Which artist would you party with? *FIESTA
Ricardo, Heike and Atta for sure. Those early days of parties in the Darmstadt Frankfurt area are almost forgotten but legendary to say the least.

– Which artist disappointed you the most? * BULLSHIT
Let’s just leave it a little fuzzy, But there are many many many. Just this weekend i was in Tokyo for a conference and to dj at Womb. Ought we went to a club and they had an Edmonton artist. No headphones no appearance of searching for tracks. Just push a button and all set was ‘PERFECTLY SHAMELESS SHIT EVERYTHING’.

– Which artist did you like working with in the studio?
Many during the years. Ramon Zenker  and Olivier Giacomotto, these two were perhaps my top partners.

– Which artist do you recommend to keep the track?
For sure the old school guys below:
Yellow Magic Orchestra
David Sylvian

– Which artist would you like to work with in the near future?
Been talking and trying to work with on various levels with Shaun Reeves, Sammy Dee, Michel Cleis

Thank You, John!