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Alexander Paul Coe aka Sasha ha expresado su disconformidad ante la actitud que están tomando algunos políticos en Reino Unido que anuncian abiertamente que la industria de la música y la vida nocturna nunca volverá.

El dj y productor británico afirma que no sólo es una fuente importante de ingresos en el Reino Unido sino que también simboliza instituciones culturales, lugares de reunión o turismo entre otras muchas cosas.

Sasha no entiende un mundo sin cultura ni sin vida nocturna, por ello expresa las líneas que a continuación os dejamos en su cuenta de Facebook además de un link para que puedas expresar tu disconformidad ante estas declaraciones de varios líderes políticos.

It’s ridiculous to see what some politicians have said about the UK nightlife industry. The attitude seems to be that it is throw away & non essential. These so called leaders telling hundreds of thousands to retrain is so fucking condescending and assumes nightlife is never coming back.

Nightlife not only adds billions to the UK economy but brings joy to peoples lives. The failure to understand this, means we stand to lose cultural institutions, venues, a highly skilled workforce & a huge amount of tourism.

I can’t comprehend a world without nightlife music culture so I’m calling on the UK Government to reconsider giving crucial support to the 5th biggest UK sector.

This industry is built by so many hard workers with passion from artists to door staff, who view their jobs not just as work but as a lifestyle. I have the utmost respect for everyone who works in this industry & to the fans who spend their money in this economy to experience moments of joy.

If you love this scene like I do, get involved, sign the petition, write to your local MP, use your voice on social media to make it impossible to ignore us:  (Link the firma de petición)




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