The circle of life takes us through constant changes that often cause the so-called “bubble” or illusions that satisfy and enrich a few. But in long term they end up destroying the business due to greed, incompetence or ignorance of some.

Electronic music and its environment have suffered the effects of this “bubble” that reminds us of the real estate crisis in Spain years ago. Same as then, where there was plenty of non qualified people working as builders, promoters and real estate advisors, now we find the same is happening again with millions of Djs, included promoters. Indeed we cannot generalize. As like all things in life , there is a halo of light, a hope for steady workers with talent that , little by little, reach their aim. But they have to be patient

For the artists that have been working for more than 20 years in the electronic music environment and that have seen the progressive evolution, it’s hard to understand the human being. On my personal experience, that makes me mad, I can see today how our old friend, the vinyl, is used for saving the deejay’s outdated product.

The new technologies have succeeded in bringing the audience closer to the creation and promotion of this music. On the other hand, its misuse has enabled an immeasurable intrusion, a lack of criteria that in many cases might be tedious.

How many people have you seen in a picture showing their hands in the booth with the artist while the public didn’t matter to him? Lots… Because half of the club feels that has the power of doing the same things that guy up there is doing and the other half basically doesn’t care about what is happening in the booth. This is the problem of marketing a product.

The feeling is that the artist isn’t doing anything special, so the admiration and the respect will are lost and the reality is that in many cases this is exactly what happens.

Solution? we call father vinyl, but not with the Serato, etc… that includes the famous function SYNC or in Spanish “I don’t have any idea how to match two themes”. What we plead for is the real piece of plastic, the traditional suitcase full of discs , no cheating. That case you fill in with a criteria, selecting a real line of music and which will obviously prevent all those unrhythmical people who use loops and filters at the wrong time non stop during all their boring sessions, from getting into a booth.

As a vinyl lover and owner of a shop I’m delighted to see it is coming back. But as a listener of the genre, it annoys me a little bit how the same people that buried, criticized, stoned it years ago are now calling it on just to cover their back. It´s also worth mentioned that all that dJs that never mixed with a vinyl, are boasting about using it in the past in their social networks.

The good thing is that father vinyl is not resentful. It allows you to use it again, at least until a Technics with Sync. Is invented, So we can enjoy a Deejay while we see 2 or 3 technics and a suitcase full of vinyls in the booth.


Horacio Cruz