Kowloon – Hollywood is Under Water. 

Hollywood is Underwater is the new funky, feel-good indie rock track from the musician and filmmaker from Los Angeles, Kowloon. The bass line bounces, the synths bubble, and the relaxed vocal makes the End of The World sound like an ok place to be.


PCM – Macro.

Macro is the title track and single from PCM’s forthcoming album. PCM is an ambient trio consisting of musicians Francesco Perra, Matteo CantaluppiandMatteo Milea. These three personalities within the project link different musical sub-facets of ambient music as a collective influence.


Dreamers – Palm Reader ft. Big Boi & UPSAHL. 

Big Boi of Outkast and and the acclaimed alt pop disruptor singer/songwriter UPSAHL teamed up with Alt-Rock Electro Band Dreamers on «Palm Reader», an infectiously catchy love song mixed into a world of modern pseudo-spirituality.


Monocule – You Don’t Know. 

Nicky Romero unveils his new release from his dark alter ego Monocule. «You Don’t Know” creates a moody nighttime ambiance with undulating melodies and a deep, muted bassline, conjuring memories of hedonistic club nights and hazy mornings.


Frankllin – The Voyager. 

Frankllin is a London based Electronic music producer and DJ, his new work, The Voyager pushes musical themes and motifs in colourful directions resulting in moments of drama, darkness and euphoric energy.